Rushikesh Mashidkar

Pune, Maharashtra

Hello, I'm Rushikesh, a DevOps Engineer who enjoys automation, continuous integration, and deployment. With extensive experience in DevOps and Cloud Computing, I am proficient in various tools and technologies related to infrastructure automation, containerization, cloud platforms, monitoring and logging, and CI/CD. My ultimate objective is to assist organizations in achieving quicker, more effective software delivery while maintaining high levels of quality and dependability.

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Trainwithshubham is a lively and exciting community dedicated to learning about DevOps. As a DevOps community lead, I will be able to collaborate with a talented group of people who are enthusiastic about software development and IT operations. I will be in charge of organising events and engaging with members in order to create a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Skills Learned : Linux, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/ CD), Shell Scripting, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing, Jenkins, Ansible Prometheus, Kubernetes & Docker I am proud of my ability to motivate community members to participate and form meaningful relationships. I hope to share my knowledge and expertise through my work while also learning from others. I believe that my contributions help to shape the community's direction and contribute to its growth and success.

November 2022 - Present


Gondwana University

Bachelor of Commerce (I. T.)
Cloud Computing
August 2019 - August 2022



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